SJCAM C300 Action Camera ,Review,Reviews of Cheap 4K Action Cameras, SJCAM C300

 Review, Reviews of Cheap 4K Action Cameras, SJCAM C300

Those of us who are bloggers and make Vlogs would undoubtedly wish to capture our special moments when we go outside for activities. We can utilize professional cameras, which are dependable in terms of quality but are too heavy and cumbersome to use. Small, transportable, and convenient camera alternatives are helpful in this situation. SJCAM C300 is one of the well-known action cameras that are designed to record our fleeting moments when we're on the go.
We have used it for more than two weeks, and now that we have captured photographs and videos, we can share our insights on video shooting, battery life, and other features.

In order to have a collection of movies or images to enjoy later, I want to capture my outdoor experiences. Yeah, I used to take pictures of them using my smartphone since I thought it was more practical. Nevertheless, after utilizing a few Action cameras, that opinion has been altered, particularly as a result of gyro image stabilization and the high-quality images they produce.
SJCAM C300 Action Camera ,Review,Reviews of Cheap 4K Action Cameras, SJCAM C300

Box SJCAM C300

Although the SJCAM C300 Box is large, you shouldn't use it to gauge the camera's size. Because the box, which is black and white, contains not only a camera but also other components needed to record videos in various settings.
Consider the SJCAM C300 more than just an entry-level action camera because the included accessories will alter your usage. The gameplay can be significantly enhanced by adding accessories like a chest strap, 16/32/64/128GB TF card (depending on the package), helmet base, bicycle stand, back clip, card reader, waterproof case, magnetic lanyard, data cable, wipe, selfie stick, remote control, etc.
The C300's potent assortment of accessories is one of its most practical advantages for regular use. Whether it is held in the hand, fastened to the roof of the car, or set down on the ground to use for whatever long you require, it can easily be modified to a range of selfie sticks or Go Pro mounts. This implies that there are many different ways you can shoot your videos.
In other words, the SJCAM C300 may be used right away as you get your hands on it without the need for additional accessories. This indicates that the manufacturer doesn't want its consumers to spend extra money on accessories.

The C300 can be used underwater up to a depth of 30 meters, and my favorite way to use it is to utilize the magnetic back clip to record first-person Vlogs while driving, cooking, and traveling.
SJCAM C300 Action Camera ,Review,Reviews of Cheap 4K Action Cameras, SJCAM C300

Design: SJCAM C300

The SJCAM C300's body is rather small, measuring 68.65 by 32 by 25.50 mm and weighing 55 grams; it is just slightly larger than the thumb, and the grip is very light. The SJCAM C300 has a rough, square appearance, with four massive R-corner transitions on the corners.
The device is not overly obtrusive whether it is held in the hand or fixed anywhere. It has a compact design throughout and a good matte black finish. Often, putting it outside to take videos can be a smart method to free your hands and ensure that no strange eyes are staring at you.

The front of the device has a camera lens that can record video at up to 4K (30 frames per second) and a touch screen display in the middle. Although the latter is too small for people with large thumbs, the touch screen's operation is identical to that of a mobile phone, so there are no learning curves. If we head in the
The hole for the rope is located at the top of the back, while the holes for the microphone input and built-in speaker are located slightly below that on the backside
SJCAM C300 Action Camera ,Review,Reviews of Cheap 4K Action Cameras, SJCAM C300

The USB port and the battery lock are located at the bottom of it. It may be used with any other USB cable if necessary because it has a TYPE-C interface, which is currently found on all of our gadgets. Moreover, it can be used for both charging and data transfer.
It is important to note that the C300 gadget has two detachable batteries. The battery that comes with cameras is 1000 mAh, but SJCAM also includes an additional battery backup module with a capacity of 2800 mAh and the same Type-C charging interface.
The extra battery's lengthy size makes it ideal for using the camera for extended periods of time while also making the action camera easier to carry, similar to holding a small remote control. Furthermore, it has a physical button that matches the host's and a 1.3-inch touchscreen. After pairing, the camera transforms into a dual-screen touch device that can be used from either the front or the back. making it easier for some Vlog users to shoot on the SJCAM C300 without a stick.
There is a 1/4 screw on the bottom of the extra battery that can be used with many other photography equipment. Users should exercise caution while using the C300 on rainy days without a waterproof mount because the extra battery module cannot be utilized with a waterproof case.
SJCAM C300 Action Camera ,Review,Reviews of Cheap 4K Action Cameras, SJCAM C300

The product serial number information and TF memory card slot within the device's body can be seen after pushing the unlock button and taking out the battery. Although the SJAM C300 packages come with a 64GB storage card, the device can handle cards up to 128GB in capacity, which is more than enough space to record outdoor sports and adventure events. Thus, you won't pass up the chance to increase the capacity.
One of the SJCAM C300 camera's most useful external accessories is the magnetic lanyard, without a doubt. With no worries about unintentional falls, it offers a safe and practical solution to hang the camera around your neck. A magnetic lanyard is a great option for filming thrilling moments with a steady and hands-free method, whether you're producing product unboxing films, fishing, playing sports indoors or outdoors, or partaking in any other activity.
The SJCAM C300 has an all-around stylish and tough design that is perfect for outdoor activities. The camera can resist the rigors of adventurous use thanks to its tough outer case, which guards against unintentional bumps and knocks. You may record your adventures while on the road thanks to the camera's small size and lightweight design. In addition, the SJCAM C300 has waterproof housing, which allows you to submerge it up to 30 meters. This makes it ideal for documenting your snorkeling or diving excursions.

Wi-Fi and GUI Controls

In addition to the touch screen, we also have a physical button that can be used to turn on and off the camera for shooting and capturing images. Moreover, this button includes a built-in RGB lighting effect that can demonstrate different operational states with blue, red, and green lights.

Each function has a graphic prompt and enables a drop-down shortcut menu that is simple to use. The touch screen's control is also very easy to use.

After connecting to WiFi, you can also manage it remotely through your smartphone and make precise settings directly through the APP. You may change the C300 action camera's shooting options, picture quality settings, white balance, exposure, and other settings.
SJCAM C300 Action Camera ,Review,Reviews of Cheap 4K Action Cameras, SJCAM C300

Android and iOS devices both support the SJCAM app. We only need to follow the instructions to connect to and control the C300 through the app.

  • Install the SJCAM app on your iOS or Android device.
  • Switch on the C300 and check your notifications by swiping down from the top of the screen, just like you would on a smartphone.
  • A QR code will then appear after selecting the WiFi option.
  • Now launch the SJCAM app that you just installed on your phone.
  • Choose Link Remote Camera, then enable all of the toggle buttons to grant the app the necessary rights.
  • When the QR code appears on your C300 device display, touch the Link Remote Camera button once more.
  • You will be able to control and adjust anything while having a live view streaming by your phone's camera lens
You can get a specific remote control for quick control in addition to the standard accessories. This remote control is very convenient to use and may be attached to the automobile with a bracket or worn on the wrist.
SJCAM C300 Action Camera ,Review,Reviews of Cheap 4K Action Cameras, SJCAM C300

image caliber

The C300 can shoot pictures with resolutions as high as 20MP (58883312) and as low as 2MP, 3MP, 5MP, 8MP, 10MP, 12MP, 14MP, and 16MP. The C300's lens has an aspherical lens that efficiently reduces picture distortion while shooting broad vistas, and it has a 154° wide angle. Nevertheless, because there is no RAW format option, the photographs were taken in JPEG format, leaving little possibility for post-processing.

I've taken a lot of beautiful pictures with the C300 of streets, animals, and moving objects during both the day and the night. The sharpness and color of the images taken in the bright light situation are both acceptable. The photos' center detail is rather sharp, but their edge detail is weaker but still within the acceptable range.
The excellent resolution of the camera also makes it possible to control this issue, allowing us to reduce the edges later if necessary.
The C300 action camera performs fairly satisfactorily and consistently with its automated white balance.

different shooting modes

The camera also has a number of shooting options, such as slow motion, loop recording, driving mode, etc., which may be chosen depending on the situation. The option I use the most is slow motion; there are three speeds available: -2x, -4x, and -8x.

Due to the photosensitive lens, its super night vision aids in reducing image distortion when shooting in the dark or at night. In contrast, when using a regular mobile phone or another camera without a photosensitive lens, the resulting image or video is just awful.

It is important to note that SJCAM C300 may function as a webcam and allow live broadcasts.

Evaluation of Performance

We've talked extensively about the features of the SJCAM C300; now it's time to examine the essentials that will help you determine if it's worthwhile for you to purchase it or not.

The main control method for SJcam's C300 is a touch screen; while it isn't the brightest you've seen, it generally seems to work properly, and I was able to view most of the numbers and messages in natural light. The pre-record feature, which was inspired by GoPro and records video even before you push the record button to ensure you don't miss an important occurrence, is one of the unique alternatives available to you.

Although the stabilizing option is available, it would not be possible to utilize the distortion-correcting feature at the same time.
Even the 24 frames per second recording option is not available if you want certain professional-oriented capabilities like shutter speed adjustment. Yet, the video that was captured by it was flawless. This camera is pretty great and almost competes with the DJI Osmo Action 3 in terms of taking wide-angle pictures. I'm a little shocked to see so many details and a very wide field of vision.
SJCAM C300 Action Camera ,Review,Reviews of Cheap 4K Action Cameras, SJCAM C300

Having fewer megapixels is also advantageous for low-light film since each pixel receives a larger amount of the available light. Yet, however, there are not many shooting modes, and if we look for the weakness, we were not very impressed with the C300's low-light performance.
With a small display that uses less power when it is ON, it has a fairly excellent battery life, and the pocket case is a great addition because you can recharge it on your own. Nevertheless, the main battery can only be recharged while it is attached to the camera body. A user will easily have more than 5 hours of battery backup when combining the two batteries. On the other hand, you may use the SJCAM smartphone app if you intend to use the C300 for some creative work. It works well enough to allow for online broadcasting and remote control of the camera's settings. Nonetheless, the app still needs to be improved.
The C300's inbuilt microphone is more than capable of recording crystal-clear audio when you're making videos. However, SJCAM officially offers USB Type-C microphones if you want to attach external microphones. We have not tested this, so we are unsure of the recorded audio quality.
Without a case, the camera is not waterproof and cannot be used underwater. It also does not support an external battery.
SJCAM C300 Action Camera ,Review,Reviews of Cheap 4K Action Cameras, SJCAM C300

Also, users must purchase the SJCAM attachments because the C300 is incompatible with the majority of cool action camera accessories designed for GoPro and similar camera form factors.
Hence, if you know what you're getting, I say it's worthwhile to get the C300 by SJCAM. Although its price of $159.00, according to the official website, won't break the bank, it still needs to make up ground in terms of features to be competitive versus GoPro and DJI insta360-like action camera models. But, we must also take price into account. GoPro and other expensive action cameras are great if your wallet can support them, but if you're a beginner gamer looking for something affordable with the qualities we've already covered, the SJCAM C300 will do the trick.

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