What is Internet? Know how the internet works

What is the Internet? Know how the Internet works

An approach to connecting computers all over the world is through a global computer network called the Internet. It is a collection of various networks that may connect various kinds of servers and devices rather than a comprehensive network.

You can share text, photographs, videos, and other digital material with other people via the Internet. Websites, email, social media, online banking, streaming media, and other internet services are also available.


The Internet is utilized for communication, entertainment, business, and information access. Online activities 

and digital connectedness would not have been possible in the world of today without it.

what is the Internet, 

The connection of two or more computers is referred to as the Internet (International Network of Computers). With the use of the internet, you can obtain information from any location in the globe. The US Defense Office established the Advance Research Project Agency (ARPA) in 1969, the same year that a man set foot on the moon. Four computers were connected to one another at that time to exchange and share data. Later, it was linked up with a lot more organizations. This network expanded over time, eventually opening to the general public as well. The fact that no organization has control over the Internet is its best feature.

The government-owned BSNL launched the internet in India for the first time on August 15th, 1995. The Internet was thereafter gradually launched by Private Service Providers like Airtel and Reliance.


How does the Internet work?

Some of you may believe that the Internet is powered by a cloud that hovers above us and contains all of its data storage facilities. Yet, allow us to assure you that nothing comparable exists. Even with the last satellite we have, the complete internet does not function. Prior to satellites, it used to function, but the technology is now quite outdated, and the data in it loads slowly. Yet, our engineers made a technological advancement that allows us to use Fast Internet nowadays. It uses optical fiber cable technology.

Indeed, we have more than 8 lakh kilometers of underwater optical fiber cable that carries 90% of our internet traffic. Just the least expensive and lossy optical fiber lines are buried beneath the waves.

Because the cable is buried in the sea, where even large ships can shift, the ship's anchor might occasionally break the optical fiber cable. On January 13, 2008, something similar happened in Egypt, resulting in the loss of 70% of Egypt's Internet. It was shut down.

Moreover, this issue has been fixed. Teams have been organized to watch after the optical fiber cable in the water twenty-four hours a day. This team immediately repairs any optical fiber cables that have been damaged.

Currently, cable accounts for 90% of internet traffic, but where does the other 10% come from? Intelligence agencies use satellites to access 10% of the internet. We regular folks are unable to access the internet.


What is the process of the Internet?


We all use the Internet these days, yet we have no idea how it functions. We separate this into three sections to make sense of it. The first is the e-server, which houses all of the world's information. An additional Internet service provider, such as Airtel or Reliance, provides us data from the server. Thirdly, the Computer or mobile browser we use to conduct our information searches.

When we conduct a browser search for any information, image, or video, our Internet Service Provider receives the request first. The Internet Service Provider looks through the server. Following that, the Server transfers the information to the Internet Provider, who then sends it to us. Because of how quickly this process moves, we receive information in just a few seconds.

You must now be aware of what the Internet is and how it functions. Please spread the word to your friends if you enjoyed this material.

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